fredag 5 juli 2013

FV19, Climate Weirding 101

This is a must see

Time is running out:

Climate change is not an environmental issue!

 The Frog Blog : (Ugo Bardi)
"If we consider climate change as an environmental issue, nothing will be done. People just won't make sacrifices for the sake of an entity called "the environment" which has no face and no shape.

But if we reframe the question as a security issue: then it is our issue - it is everyone's issue. It is a problem for real people, not for abstract entities. Then we can move and do something - we must move and do something."

Who are "we"? Obviously not the politicians or scientists. Neither the engineers. While each of these categories would completely eliminate their carbon emissions, it would still not be getting more than a fart in outer space.

"We" are you and I in all OECD countries. It is we as individuals who together can make a difference. If you and I can reduce our emissions by half, we are well on our way to stop the runaway Climate Weirding. It's actually not that difficult. I've done it with simultaneous increase in quality of life. But time is running out.

What about you?

Maybe you are still living in the Swedish "duck pond" while people are dying like flies abroad because of your lifestyle?

Still flying?

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