måndag 1 juli 2013

FV17, Two species close to extinction


The Nord Pole yesterday: http://www.arctic.io/observations/

This is not the beginning. It´s not even the end of the beginning. But maybe it´s the beginning of the end.

And we have a result:

Central  Europe june 2013:

It is feared that thousands of sheep and cattle have been buried in snow or have frozen to death during a week of extreme weather.

Hill farmers in County Antrim, in Northern Ireland have been trying to dig out pregnant ewes buried up to four feet deep in snowdrifts.


About Sea Level Rise:

More Melt, More Sea Level Rise, and an Alarming Change in Sea Level Rise Rate

But don´t worry, be happy:

Still flying? (No, the question is not set to the duck, it is set to you)

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