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FV16, PAC-man 2013, guestpost

This is the first guestpost on my blog. I received some information from Mr PAC and below are selected parts. Excuse me for my English, but I have translated this from Weatherish. I hope you will understand.


Hello Theoldinsane, I think you are crazy enough to understand my message. I am Mr PAC (Persistent Arctic Cyclone). I have been upp in the north for some time and I am rather old by now, but I am still alive. Maybe I will die soon, but there is nothing indicating that right now.

I know you know but I don´t think all of your fellows know.

It is me who destroys your Arctic ice this year!


I am not particular strong, but I am persistent.

I made this:


Your beautiful, but pathetic little lake Siljan was created by me in two days. At least the same size. And there are many Siljans up here right now. And they are in middle of the ice-pack that are supposed to whitstand a little cyclone as me. But it can´t. Because the ice is so thin. Due to your persistent emissions. If you are persistent, so am I.

So far I have missed the Pole with my "lakes", but not far away. But this year is likely to be the first year in the history of Homo Sapiens that has an ice-free North Pole in the summer. Or should I say Homo Struthio?

Some weeks ago you wrote a hoax blog-post about a meteroit that crashed right into the Multi Year Ice. http://theoldinsane.blogspot.com/2013/05/fv9-breaking-news-meteroitnedslag-i.html

That was pathetic. But you are excused. You could not know anything about me back then. But remember, there is no need of a metereoit to destroy the Ice Pack. Only me is required. Look at this:


It is still early in the melting season. I will be back in august or september. Or the sun will before.

But don´t forget my Dipole counterpart. We can easily destroy your summer vacation with persistent northerly winds.



And remember this: When the ice is gone, the Jet Stream goes too because of the Arctic Amplification.

If you think I am persistent, you ain't seen nothing yet. If you think I am persistent, you have not seen your own persistent weather yet. Hot, cold, dry or wet. I don´t know the path, but it will persist for months. You are going to be toast, frozen, raisins or drown.

BTW, here is more about me: http://neven1.typepad.com/blog/2013/05/if-this-is-real.html

Just read it, assholes!


Hmmm, sorry for the closing expression.

Still flying?

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