onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Läsvärd intervju med Gail Tverberg

Kanske inte så mycket nytt men Gail Tverberg är alltid läsvärd. Det handlar om:

•    Why natural gas is not the energy savior we were hoping for
•    Why renewable energy will not live up to the hype
•    Why we shouldn't write off nuclear energy
•    Why oil prices could fall in the future
•    Why our energy future looks fairly bleak
•    Why the government should be investing less in renewable energy
•    Why constant economic growth is not a realistic goal

Om vad höga bränslepriser leder till:

High priced fuel syndrome is primarily (but not entirely) a problem of fuel importers. It has symptoms such as the following:

•    Slow economic growth or contraction
•    People in discretionary industries laid off from work
•    High unemployment rates
•    Governments in increasingly poor financial situation
•    Declining home and property values
•    Rising food prices

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